Add more……

Adding a small pond, with a tiny fountain or modest waterfall, will bring you joy. There is nothing more relaxing than that sound of trickling water. Birds, frogs and butterflies will love it. Curb your enthusiasm for goldfish, which tend to munch plants, tadpoles and other wildlife to bits. But do try pond weed and other ways to encourage nature. Get some more information using these links:





Picture: John Humphreys

Subtract less….

So, I just heard about the Florida woman with nineteen bathrooms and a huge house who uses a million gallons of water a month.

No, this isn’t a joke, so there will not be a punchline. Instead, I cite that (alas) true story as an example of how extremely wasteful of water we have become. And the garden is a great place to start cutting back:

  • Plant natives and appropriate perennials to spare you the necessity of watering your entire yard each night
  • Cut back on your lawn (see here) and only water it in extremis. It can take a little drought!
  • If you live in a natural desert area, xeriscape instead of planting a lawn  – a completely unsuitable species for your climate! Xeriscaping means planting agaves, cacti and other succulents which are attuned to your area and which are also ideal for wildlife. Personally, I love sempervivums!

If you save water, in some small way you are in solidarity with the near-billion people in the Third World with no access to clean water at all. And you’re helping the environment. Thank you!



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